Does November 1st mean you can officially start playing Christmas music? Or does it mean that you start perfecting or, for some of us, practicing your baking skills? Whatever the month of November means to you, I have a feeling, that like me, you will feel even more grateful for all of the wonderful friends and family we have in our lives, and that we have one very important thing in common: Warwick. Warwick has brought us together, and has been the backdrop of not only our everyday lives, but the place where our family gathers, and can come “home” to, especially around the Holidays. Thanksgiving is not only a time to be thankful, but a time to truly to surround ourselves with the people who make us feel thankful every day. It’s a time to give back, and celebrate. We start the month off with a celebration of the Arts- Warwick Public Schools Art Exhibit. Browse future stars of the art world at the Warwick Art Museum starting Wednesday, November 5th. 50 works from local public schools will be showcased.

November is truly a month to get involved- and the Ocean State Theater welcomes you and your family to the Family Fun Fest: The Jester of Notre Dame. On November 15th, see Alex the Jester (America’s Got Talent) this to be a night of Medieval comedy, history, and theatrical mischief!

You’re probably thinking, “Nate- these things all sound lovely, but Christmas is weeks away…and Thanksgiving is literally around the corner! I have Holiday shopping to do, travel plans to book, and the list goes on and on.” Well, my friends, fear not. I have a few ideas to make this hustle and bustle of times be what they should be: pure joy! On November 18th, you have the chance to start that Holiday shopping with, “On the Street” where you can purchase framed art and photographs, matted prints, and note cards- all very budget friendly! Free, and open to the public at the Warwick Art Museum from 10am-5pm. Here’s a plus: A portion of each sale supports Warwick’s non-profit mission to connect us all to the arts. This resonates even more during this time of year.

This month, we are celebrating two restaurants in Warwick- two exceptional, but very different. Both are absolutely perfect for this time of year.

Coffee shops are a popular haunt for doing all things reflective & relaxing- whether you are meeting friends, having a conference with coworkers, grabbing a lite lunch- Coffee shops are especially welcoming in the colder months. Cozying up, and enjoying a hot beverage. Brewed Awakenings, an already Rhode Island favorite has finally come to our neck of the woods, right on Bald Hill Road. And, to simply call it a “Coffee Shop” would be a misconception. Brewed Awakenings is an oasis- of relaxation, delicious aromas, a variety of cuisine, in a modern, yet cozy and approachable setting. It will be impossible for you to choose just one thing to eat, since quite frankly, Brewed doesn’t have a specialty because their sandwiches are equally as delectable as their scones, muffins, and breakfast treats. Everything is good. The ambiance, is cheerful, wide, and open with lots going on. We are fortunate to have the ultimate coffee shop experience, and I believe you will find yourself lounging and relaxing there, maybe even more than your own living room this winter!

Let us now switch gears to the winter evenings- with Daylight savings having come to a close, we find ourselves driving at 4:30 in the dark! Escape the winter and go out to dinner at Chiantis. If you have not yet been to Chiantis, then you are in for a truly wonderful, Italian treat. Chiantis Restaurant is tucked away on Old Forge Road, Chiantis fantastic and lofty menu will surely become your once a week dining outing. You will simply love every exciting and palate pleasing aesthetic Chiantis has to offer. A few things to expect: Pork Chop specials featuring fresh prosciutto, mozzarella, and diced apple reduction. Love portabello mushrooms? Enjoy sautéed spinach, roasted rep peppers, kalamata olives, feta cheese, and drizzled balsamic. Love Lobster? Then the Shrimp & Lobster Risotto will make your love affair with lobster surely last forever. Appetizers like Tuna Puntanesca. Wonderful pan seared sushi grade tuna steak served over a black olive, caper, and anchovy based sauce topped with crostini. For Chicken, try the Chicken Portobella: sautéed chicken breast, topped with portabella mushroom and sautéed spinach, finished with a marscapone brandy cream sauce- and a side of a potato!

All of this food is, of course, flashing my mind to four weeks ahead, when we will all be sitting around the Thanksgiving table. I am very curious, what are you cooking this year? We can’t wait to hear. Join our virtual Thanksgiving table and share with us your baking, cooking, turkey, stuffing, and everything in between photos! Tag #WarwickThanksgiving and we’ll post your photos.

Before I leave you to start browsing some of my favorite Cranberry sauce recipes, I must say, I am thankful for you my friends, and the wonderful city of Warwick! Cheers to you, and Happy Thanksgiving!