Good Day, Warwick! Your trusty pal Nate here has a task for you this Summer. It begins with this: Remember when we started our mornings digging out our cars from the deep, dark, depths of 3 feet of snow? We were constantly dreaming about a Summer day, and it felt so desperately far away. A trip to Iggy’s paired with a sunset walk at Goddard Park seemed like a place in time we would never reach. Relaxing at a restaurant in Pawtuxet Village seemed impossible, and Gaspee Days was something we longed for. Well, now that we stepped back in time at the winter months, let’s get to the present- As of June 21st, it is summertime here in Warwick! That deserves every exclamation possible. The warm weather rolled in faster than your clam cakes and chowder arriving to your picnic table. It’s hot out, and it’s time to get outside and enjoy it- kayak, swim, drink on the deck, walk the dog, eat some stuffies, and get some ice cream at Dear Hearts or the Creamery! The Gaspee Day parade promised all things traditional: we got excited to see those red, white, and blue, stripes on the road, hear the colonial band tunes, and get a taste of summer- no pun intended- with all our favorites from the vendors, and a ice cold Del’s Lemonade. Delicious! This month, your favorite blogger Nate has spent some time hopping on the technology train, and your instagram photos have told the story of summer better than I could: so, without further ado, here is how you’ve kicked off Summer 2015 in Warwick! Be sure to follow me on instagram @WarwickRhodeIsland


Summertime in Rhode Island is always an adventure, and if you’re having friends or family from out of town visiting, why not have them stay right here in Warwick. I don’t think I need to defend my case: Warwick has everything, and is close to everything. Really. Stay in Warwick, and See Rhode Island. June’s restaurant feature happens to be in a hotel that is simply second to none: The Radisson.


The Radisson may be a wonderful choice for lodging- close the airport, convenience in location- but it’s the employees and hotel managers that make the Raddison a place that will feel more like home than just a hotel. Libations has an absolutely undeniable menu- from the cocktails to the appetizers- and their famous, and I do mean famous– potato chips. They are that good- they might spoil your meal! You won’t just have one- and that’s the most sure-thing you’ll read all day. Believe me! These truly are the chef’s specialty, a gourmet feel all around. The Tomato and Mozzarella is served with the freshest tomatoes, and the chef’s special balsamic vinaigrette. Panini’s and salads are tasty and layered with flavor, so you can smell and taste every aroma. We cannot forget about the Rhode Island favorites, like scallops, mussels, and seafood- all available. Cocktails are signature- and all suggest a relaxed, lounge vibe that only a hotel can offer.

So kick off the summer months with a vacation, and start at the Radisson. When you meet my friends the Radisson, be sure to tell them, Nate sent you! See you in July.