Don’t let the New Year fool you- it’s not strictly about everything NEW. It’s not about diets and restrictions either. It’s about you creating moments, that build your year. 365 Moments— and that doesn’t mean you have to leave your own backyard. We celebrate Warwick- our home- each month. Many people believe that to make memories they have to spend a lot of money, or travel across the world. Those things help, of course, but this month I want to focus on the magic that lies here around us. The stores, the restaurants, and the owners of these places that are there for us 365 days of the year. They are our local haunts- our places- rain or shine, they stick by us. So, here’s to all things #Local – Starting with a few of these restaurants you should try this month, and what to have on the menu:

The Shanty– From signature deserts like “Doug’s Donuthouse” made with cheesecake, caramel apples, walnuts and whipped cream to shellfish entrees like Chorizo risotto with native clams and crispy arugula!
3854 Post Road //

Chiantis– Chiantis new beef menu is absolutely out of this world. From Short Ribs, to many Sirloins ,Filets, and pork chops. It’s truly an escape to Italy, every time you eat there.
195 Old Forge Road //

Iron Works– The perfect Modern and American tavern. There are too many amazing things to try at the popular IWT, but my personal favorite is their Calamari, and Mac ’N Cheese! Try both!
697 Jefferson Blvd. // 

Indulge Bar– When I’m here, there is nothing seemingly as difficult than deciding what to order! Think- Exquisite, exquisite, exquisite! Cocktails with clever names: The “Last Chance”, “The Angry Bird”,  and don’t forget rich expresso and coffee drinks: Coconut Rum, Kahlua, Bailey’s, Spiced rum, butterscotch, need I say more?
891 Post Road (Next to Elizabeth of Portofino)

Mirabellas- From meatballs, to fresh grinders, to calzones, chicken cutlets, and more- it doesn’t get more Italian this this. Fresh, authentic- everything you would expect!
963 Namquid Drive

The Ripe Tomato– Craving pizza? What about a Gorgonzola or a Hazelnut Chicken? Sun Dried Tomato? Stop by the Ripe Tomato and take your pick!
1 Centerville Road //

Borrelli’s & Rosas Bakery & Deli–  Established in 1948; Stop by Borrelli’s and pick up all your needs for your next Sunday football party. Everyone will LOVE the Pizza Chips, Frittata, and Rolls! Don’t forget to grab a few canoli , wine, and egg biscuits!
3292 Post Rd. //