Love is in the air- OK, perhaps that statement isn’t quite accurate, because as of late, it’s been nothing but snow flakes, wind, and snow drifts in the air here in Warwick. It’s February, and we’ve already survived our first big event of 2015…A “Blizzard.” Maybe it wasn’t like the famed Blizzard of ’78 which hit Rhode Island in every way possible, but we finally received ample amounts of a winter wonderland!

February is one of my favorite months of the year. Not solely because of Valentine’s Day- which, by the way, should be more of an appreciation of ALL of your loved ones in your life, your friends, family- not just significant others, but because it’s a month we can enjoy the winter season in Rhode Island. Being in New England, we truly get to experience something many people in the United States do not get to enjoy: the seasons. Experiencing the rich hues of Fall, the stunning, postcard-like Summers by the beach, the freshness of a true Spring is something unique to our geographic location in this country. So, with February here, we can take comfort in enjoying a winter-white cozy winter. There’s a lot going on this month- from the best hot chocolates to sip by the fire, to the best Valentine’s Day ideas, to the Warwick Museum of Art- Cheers to the 2nd month of 2015.

Let’s start with a truly exciting exhibit you simply cannot miss – The Latin-American Artists exhibit happening now until March 3rd at the Warwick Museum of Art. 10 of Rhode Island’s BEST Latin-American artists work will be on display for the public. More than 35 gorgeous works of art in an array of mediums will be showcased in the main gallery, and are available for purchase. A wonderful opportunity to experience both a vision and a culture in a relative way, learning about this regional art scene. Latin-American Artists exhibit is co-sponsored by RISCA and WMOA. There is a suggested donation of $3-$5 in the gallery donation box. Remember, the WMOA is located at 3259 Post Road. You can contact them by phone at 401-737-0010, or follow them on Facebook. Gallery hours are Tuesday-Friday 10-5, and Saturday 10-3.

Have you been tirelessly searching for the ultimate dessert coffee pick me up? Want to feel extra special? Well, allow me to introduce you to Indulge– the ultimate, “Exquisite Drink & Desert Bar.” If you are out of ideas for Valentines Day, or just looking for a fun place to meet up with friends on a cold, chilly, February evening- this is the place! But first, start the evening off having dinner at Elizabeth of Portofino, right next door, a truly Tuscan Grille like no other. With combinations of traditional veal, beef, and seafood, Portofino has become a true destination restaurant here in Warwick. How does Rosemary Skewered Scallops sound? Or a Shrimp Scampi with Orzo? Or how about a classic Veal Chop? Too many amazing choices. I’ll never be able to decide! That’s just a TINY part of their wonderful, extensive Italian menu. Now that you’ve had dinner- and yes, you have room for dessert (who doesn’t, really, now?) head next door to Indulge. Romantic, sophisticated, and perfect in every way. Looking for a specialty cocktail? Sit back, relax, and allow these cocktails and desserts to create the ultimate escape. What’s more Valentines theme? Join Us For Dinner and then Walk Next Door and Indulge! Chocolate Rimmed Wine Glasses Paired with Soul Sister Pinot Noir, Carmel Dipped Beer Glasses Paired with Wells Banana Beer, Home Made Desserts Including Our Chocolate Bread Pudding. Perfect To Celebrate Birthdays, Anniversaries or Just A Romantic Night Out!! Come On Rhode Island It is Time to Indulge!

Elizabeth of Portofino & Indulge are located at 897 Post Road & 891 Post Road.