Despite the changes of the 21st century, Pontiac Village managed to retain much of its 19th century identity, which was dominated by the Pontiac Mill aka Fruit of the Loom. Today, the village is home to shopping malls and a refurbished Pontiac Mill, now a hotel and restored historical center on the Pawtuxet River.



The birthplace of Revolutionary War General Nathaneal Greene, son of a Quaker farmer and smith, and a direct descendent of founders of Warwick, and his families farms and forge, Potowomut peninsula today is home to Goddard Memorial State Park and the Potowomut Golf Club.



Pawtuxet Village is not only the oldest village in Warwick; it’s the oldest village in New England, settled in 1642. The most serious early act of defiance of the American Revolution occurred in Warwick, off Pawtuxet Village on June 8, 1772, when the British revenue schooner, the Gaspee, was burned.



Conimicut derives its name from the granddaughter of Narragansett sachem Canonicus, the head of the Narragansett when the English arrived, and the daughter of Queen Quaiapen and the sachem Mixanno and dates back to the founding of Warwick in 1643. The main artery of this thriving and picturesque village is West Shore Road and it is home to the eponymous Conimicut Lighthouse and Conimicut Point Beach.



Apponaug, situated on Apponaug Cove and the intersection of Warwick’s three primary streets (Post Road aka US Route 1, Greenwich Avenue aka RI Route 5, and Centerville Road aka RI Route 117), is a derivation of the Narragansett Indian word for “place of oysters”, and the Cove holds one of the richest shellfish beds in the US. Apponaug is considered downtown Warwick as it is home to Warwick City Hall as well as police and fire headquarters.



Busy Apponaug Four Corners was once a Native American path called the Pequot Trail. While no longer the geographical center of Warwick, this intersection remains the historic heart of the city. This is where routes 1 (Post Rd), 5 (Greenwich Ave) and 117 (Centerville Rd) converge.

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