One of the best ways to explore parts of Warwick is on horseback! Whether you're a novice or an advanced rider, Warwick’s Goddard Memorial State Park offers one of the best trail riding spots in Rhode Island.

Horses on beach

Goddard Memorial State Park

Saddle up for adventure at Goddard Memorial State Park. Beyond sprawling fields, quaint gazebos, and beach access, Goddard has a dedicated horseback dirt trail!

For beginners, the 1.2-mile bridle loop is a gentle introduction. Looping through shaded paths in just 23 minutes, it's perfect for finding your rhythm and enjoying the scenery. Keep an eye out for fellow riders and joggers on this popular route.

C and L Stables

For over 17 years, C and L Stables has offered family-friendly horse trail rides in Goddard Memorial State Park. Immerse yourself in 18 miles of scenic trails with breathtaking views of Greenwich Bay, or trot along the picturesque shoreline on a beachside ride.

Every experience is tailored to you, no matter your skill level. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner, C and L Stables ensures a comfortable and personalized journey. Explore at your own pace with your own dedicated guide, accompanying you every step of the way. Trail rides last approximately 30 minutes, while beachside adventures extend to 45 minutes. Reservations are essential during fall and winter, but saddle up any time from Wednesday to Sunday throughout the year.

Enjoy Trail Riding in Warwick

So saddle up and explore horseback riding trails in Warwick for an unforgettable outdoor experience in our neck of the woods. Be sure to check out other outdoor recreation opportunities that await you here.